Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I start with less than $2,000?
Unfortunately, no. Our elite bots often take multiple trades and use capital management combined with leverage to earn maximum profits. The starting account size requirement is clearly listed on each of our bots. Many of our clients pool with family and friends to form their own "investment club."
Are they really good in a Bull or Bear Market?
Absolutely yes to both! Our bots profit equally well in all market conditions. They are therefore a great diversification strategy that makes money even when crypto and the stock market go down. Our bots take both long and short positions based on proprietary algorithms.
Do I have to watch the signals and make the trades - or is it completely automatic?
Your new bot will make all of the decisions, and execute all of the trades for you automagically. You set it, and forget it. Just log in to check your balance whenever you need a smile. We'll even automate emails sending you regular account balance updates.
What assets do the bots trade?
Behind the scenes, our elite bots are actually a team of many powerful bots, each running independently at the same time, maximizing the available cash in your one single account. Consider your bot the coach that manages many players to win the game. Your bots will trade multiple forex currency pairs. The Forex market is open Monday - Friday around the world and trades 24 hours a day. Our bots take weekends off, because the Forex markets are closed on weekends, just like the stock market. Our bots are a terrific hedge for diversification away from crypto and/or the stock market. Crypto or stock market volatility does not have any adverse impact on our bots.
Are my funds safe in FX Primary?
We have personally been trading six and seven figures in FX Primary without an issue. We (and our customers) have never experienced a problem withdrawing our money. Many of our customers routinely withdraw their profits! Your withdrawals are sent in the form of crypto to any crypto wallet address you choose. We have a relationship directly with the owners of FX Primary, since we refer so many of our clients to them. Thousands of our customers trade successfully on FX Primary every day. They make incredible profits each day from the commissions on customers' trades. They have no incentive to destroy their well-established company. FX Primary customer service is closed on weekends, because the Forex markets are closed. Their email response is excellent Monday - Friday.
I subscribed. I need help getting set up.
Setup is a one-time thing. When you sign up, we provide you with easy instructions on how to open and fund your trading account. After that, connecting your new bot is a simple five minute process! Our customer service team is also available to take your call during our normal business hours Monday - Friday. Set up today, and we can activate your new bot the same day. If you're local, stop by our office for help!
Do I need to be 18 years old?
No. FX Primary is offshore. They require no identification or proof of age. You can open an account with them in just a few minutes, and fund your account by sending crypto. No bank account required! When you wish to withdraw funds, you can log into your trading account and send your funds back to any crypto wallet in the world.
Do I need a computer to run a bot?
No. Our servers run everything for you as you play and wander around the planet, enjoying life. Log in and check your profits any time you want, from anywhere you want, from any device you desire. You can sign up from a cell phone if you want. Any smart device will do!
Can I trade from my country, or even New York?
Yes! FX Primary accepts customer from any place on the planet. So do we.
Will the bots stop working/profiting if you end up having too many subscribers?
No. We already have thousands of customers. We trade in the Forex market which handles $6 Trillion dollars a day. Even with our thousands of subscribers, all of our trades combined won't even move prices. The markets are simply enormous. It would take individual trades in the billions of dollars before our bot trades could impact the markets. Hedge funds trade billions of dollars at a time. We're leveling the field by giving the same hedge fund power to our ordinary friends.
Will there ever be a margin call, or will I ever need to add funds?
Nope. Historically, our bots will never need you to "top off" or add funds! That's a creative way some of our competitors have created to say their bots are flawed, and stuck, can't keep working, and need more money... Drawdowns are rare. Your bots are programmed to handle occasional drawdowns. Fund your account once, and simply let it grow. You'll never need to add more funds to keep your bot alive. Anybody selling you a bot that might need to "add on" knows they are selling you a flawed product that loses. After seeing our bots performing so well, you'll WANT to add more funds, for more profit! We post daily screen shots from our many satisfied customers in our Testimonials Discord.
I haven't received my confirmation email from FX Primary
Remember you must open and fund your own account directly with FX Primary. We never take custody of or control your funds. Immediately upon opening your new account with FX Primary, they will send you an email with your login and password. Check your SPAM folder! It will come from
How do I fund my new bot trading account?
You will open your new account at FX Primary in your own name and then send crypto to your new account to fund it. Crypto usually arrives and posts in less than an hour. Upon receipt of your crypto, FX Primary will convert that crypto cash instantly (US DOLLARS) and your new account will be immediately ready for trading. Now you can get your new trading bot launched! Even in the middle of the night, on a weekend! We never touch your funds. You open and fund your own account directly at FX Primary.
Is there any other way to send money, besides crypto?
The exchange only accepts crypto at this time. Only crypto allows instantaneous transfer of funds anywhere around the world. If you are not familiar with crypto or have no way to send crypto, call our office. We may be able to help by having you wire funds to us, and we can send the crypto on your behalf. This will obviously incur substantial delays and costs. It is always best for you to directly fund your account using crypto.
Will I receive tax forms at the end of the year?
The exchange is located offshore. They have no identification requirements (know your customer). Since all transfers are made in and out of your account by crypto, no tax reporting is done to the USA or any other country. Since our bots are merely software that you use on your own account, we also have no obligation for tax reporting. Therefore, it will be completely up to you to understand any tax rules you may be subject to, and to self-report any profits.
Can these trades be done tax-deferred within my IRA?
There is nothing preventing you from opening an account controlled by your IRA and reporting the account within your IRA.
Can I add to my account at any time?
Yes. Simply send more funds to your exchange account via crypto. Our bots will see your new balance within seconds. When your balance goes up, the bots will automatically begin trading more contracts to always maximize compounding of your growing account size.
Can I withdraw from my account whenever I want?
Yes! You can initiate a withdrawal 24 hours a day. All withdrawals are sent back to you in crypto to any wallet you specify. Withdrawals generally arrive within 24-48 hours, as all withdrawals are manually reviewed by the exchange and the liquidity provider to prevent your being a victim of hacks or fraud. Our office is open Monday-Friday to assist you with withdrawing your money any time. Just call, email, or stop by!
Can my monthly fee come right out of my trading account automatically? 
No. Since we do not have access to or control of your account, we do not have the ability to withdraw funds from it. Our bots only have trading access. Not withdrawal ability. All monthly billing is done automatically using your credit card.
Can I prepay longer-term for a discount?
YES. If you wish to prepay for a year, we offer a 10% discount. Prepay for two years to receive 20% off. Prepay for three years for 25% off. We can accept cash, credit card, Venmo, wire transfers, crypto, and Paypal for discounted prepayments.
Some days, my bot doesn't even trade. Is that normal?
Yes, perfectly normal. There may be times when your bot hyper-trades all day. Other days, it may not trade at all. Your bot uses true artificial intelligence. Let your bot trade for you, so you don't have to micro-manage every day. Let your bot do its job. Go live your life.
Why does my bot sometimes take different size trades?
Your bot knows what it is doing. It scales everything it does to match your account size, current open trades, past history, open equity, and market conditions together for a winning combination. Let your bot trade for you, so you don't have to micro-manage every day. Let your bot do its job. Go live your life.
What if I see open trades that are profitable in my MT4 account and close them manually?
So you think you are so smart, you don't need a bot? You'll wreck your bot's algorithm. We'll close your account. And we'll ban you from our service. Go trade for yourself if you're so smart. Let your bot trade for you, so you don't have to micro-manage every day. Let your bot do its job. Go live your life.
Can I upgrade/change my existing bot account to a better bot?
Yes. We charge a $199 fee for this. We will pause your existing bot so it does not enter new trades. However, your current bot will continue to manage your open trades through completion. This process can take several days. Once you have no open trades left, we will remove your original bot from your trading account, and then apply the new bot you desire. Just contact our office to initiate this process! We will charge you for the new bot on the date we start the process for you, but we will also issue a prorated refund to you for any days left on your current bot.
Does my bot trade 24 x 7 x 365 ?
No. We trade the Forex market (a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies). The Forex (FX) market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. The Forex market opens at 5pm Sunday night (USA - east coast time) and closes at 5pm Friday night. Because the Forex market is closed during the weekends, our customer service department (and FX Primary's) is closed Saturday and Sunday. If you attempt to withdraw funds on a weekend, the withdrawal process will not begin until Monday.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Not at this time. We make a ton of money already, running our own bots. We also have amazing organic customer growth because our customers always love sharing their success with their friends and family! We're focused on delivering a quality product over pushing volume. Business and life are already GREAT for us.  
Are your past results from real trading, or just hypothetical results?
This is the most important question to ask! We have a 2 year+ track record trading millions of dollars with our algorithms. Those full results are posted right here on our website. We are a multimillion dollar company with real offices, real employees, and real customer service. All data we post on this site is real, after exchange fees and commissions. Our published results are cash you take home. Nothing on our website is "hypothetical." All historical results are real net cash results that actually happened in the past. Beware of competitors with "hypothetical" back testing. Simply put, this means their product is unproven and new. If they cannot publish results, they either don't have them, or those results are bad. We believe in full transparency. We even post daily customer results in our Testimonials Discord. Also, very few of our competitors have a fully staffed office that always answers phones and can be visited, unannounced. We love meeting our customers! Stop in any time. We're very proud of our company.
My bot just started, and it's not trading that much.
Every customer gets their own bot that is starting from scratch. We truly do use artificial intelligence, that has a learning curve. When you start a new bot, there is a ramp-up period during which your bot tests connections to the trading exchange, market conditions, execution times, and even the speed in which your order fills execute. It will take fewer and smaller trades at first, watching carefully so it can know in the future how quickly it will be able to execute trades based on all of these factors. It learns from past trades and teaches itself to better anticipate in the future. This takes time. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for your bot to "feel" like it is underperforming for the first 2-3 weeks. This is a normal part of true artificial intelligence. Be patient through your initial "learning" weeks, and you'll soon be very satisfied to see your results continue to ramp up! Your bot is unique to your account, and needs to tie to develop and mature. Give it time to learn to work for you. You'll be very happy.
I'm not getting the same results as my friends with the same exact bot. I'm jealous.
You joined us because we use true artificial intelligence that adapts in realtime. Your bot is unique. It's always learning and adapting to the conditions unique to your account. Your bot is smart. It actually gets better over time. We do not use old "dumb" copy-and-paste the same trade to every customer technology. Rather, your bot starts by knowing your unique balance, and then begins testing the trading environment it is in. See the question above to better understand the process. Every new trade your bot takes is based on the cumulative knowledge it gains from each of your past trades. Therefore, even tiny fractional differences between your past trades and those of other accounts make a difference. Because your bot is a high-frequency trader, those little tiny differences can add up very quickly, making it feel like your bot is underperforming. Rest assured the longer everyone's bots are running, the closer the performance of each will drift back to a normalized performance. If your bot is currently over-performing, know that other bots will tend to catch up to yours. If your bot feels to be under-performing, fear not, It will eventually hit some home runs and catch up. The law of averages will normalize all bots over a longer trading period. Our website gives you a true picture of the results you can reasonably expect over time. *No results can ever be guaranteed.
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